Thursday, February 19, 2009

Soil block makers

I received my soil block makers for seed starting.

No more plastic! No more attempts to try to disinfect those little plastic trays from year to year. I am on a mission to eliminate plastic from my life (impossible, I know - but one can try, right?)

The past several years I have been making pots out of newspaper. Those are great, except, there is only one size and you can't really transplant or move up in size in newspaper. Things like tomatoes fairly quickly outgrow their little pot. Plus, after 6 to 8 weeks, the newspaper pot tends to get a little wilty.

So, I caved and purchased some soil block makers. I did find some instructions for making your own online, but Bill doesn't have time so I broke down and bought them from Seeds of Change (love that company, although my jury is still out on their new seed packaging).

I'll take a picture soon, but I planted up 60 onions a few nights ago. I also have arugula going in an old cookie sheet (its an experiment - for eating now - I don't know if it needs more soil depth).

So far, I think the blockers will work out great. I got a whole tray of finished vermicompost last night to add to my mixture. I'm also going to try that straight as a seed starting medium.

I'll also do a post soon on my worms and my worm tower.


Claire MW said...

Oh! These sound good! I really like Seeds of Change and will have to check this item out! Are you talking about the zip lock type seed packets they have now? I liked the aspect of the seeds keeping longer. Are you concerned about the plastic aspect? I thought I could re-use the envelopes for my own seed. Seems when I am seeding, I always get the paper envelopes wet and dirty, and then they begin to disintegrate. I can't believe you planted 60 onions already. Oh boy, I feel so behind suddenly! I've been too busy with a baby goat!!

angie said...

Hi Claire,

Yep, the plastic packets. I'm just so anti-plastic but you're right, its a good idea to reuse them for seed saving. My packets always also get so wet and dirty (and rip!).

Being busy with a baby goat has got to be waaaaay more fun than starting onions!

Sara said...

I read about these in Eliot Coleman's books and am anxious to get some for myself. Sounds like your first use of them went you still like them?