Monday, February 16, 2009

February melt

While working at the farm on Feb 7th, the seasonal creek started running. There are not words to describe the experience, but I'll try. We had just arrived and Bill was driving the tractor home (from purchasing it - only 2 miles away). We were trying to use the bucket to clear some snow from the driveway when I heard a noise... it was water running. Like the sound that a rapidly flowing creek makes - you know, the gurgling. I thought to myself, how strange that I've been here for 15 minutes and hadn't realized that the water was running. I looked to where the water noise was coming from and wow, if I didn't see the water starting to flow that very moment. The creekbed was perfectly white snow and rushing downcreek was a flow of water. The sun and warm must have reached a critical moment and something melted upstream and the water started flowing. It was kind of biblical. The creek runs under the driveway, but our culvert is a bit damaged and the flow of this water was so intense that it quickly overflowed over the driveway, exactly where we were working. Its helpful when these things happen while we are there so we can see the problem areas firsthand and know what we need to address.

It was wonderful to have the creek running while we were there. I look forward to the day that we live there and can open a house or bedroom window to hear the creek at night.

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