Friday, February 13, 2009

Craig's list - I gave away a bathroom!

Just to clarify my post of yesterday (cleaning the barn), I want to stress that Bill and I love to reuse material. We are often finding excellent items in the alleyways and construction dumpsters of Chicago. All of the stuff that I cleaned out of the barn had been sitting too long and was beyond attempts at reuse.

We will be completely remodeling the farmhouse in the most environmentally friendly way possible (that is financially feasible). As such, we are moving bathroom location(s) (while attempting to recreate the traditional 'T' farmhouse of the past ) and my bathroom taste runs a little more towards cast iron clawfoot tubs and historic fixtures - i.e. old farmhouse style. However, in the interest of reuse, I posted an add in the FREE section of Dubuque Craig's List. The Dubuque site is fairly new - the traffic is pretty light. However, I had about 7 responses to my listing and I was able to find a new home for some lightly used bathroom fixtures which include the sink, vanity, a storage cabinet, mirrored medicine cabinet and a tub with jets. The new owners of this ready made bathroom will be removing (that's the hook on free, they have to do the removal!) in mid March.

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