Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Tractor

Actually its an old tractor, but its new to us.

Its a Ford 195_ (4? 5? 6?).
We have big plans! Large planting beds! Rent a dumpster and fill it up with the rubbish that I removed from the barn stalls this past weekend.

We also rebuilt the small shed behind the barn as the home for the tractor.
This was a big step for us. Having proper equipment to assist with driveway clearing, planting bed prep, cleanup and remodeling will make a big difference. We are happy to be tractor owners.


Claire MW said...

Wow! Nice tractor! It is much bigger than ours. But even ours has made so many things easier on the farm. It is really useful. I would have liked to have one that would handle a bale fork so we could use the large bales, but ours is not heavy duty enough. It looks like yours would be perfect for it.

sugarcreekstuff said...

We have a tractor that looks just like yours 1954 Ford Jubilee.

angie said...

Claire - thanks. I think that photo makes it look bigger than it is. I've been told these old Fords were the original 40 acre homestead tractors. I love that history.

Sugarcreekstuff - Excellent! Thanks for the info. p.s. I still gets lots of compliments on my chicken bag that I bought from you.

sugarcreekstuff said...

angie, thank you so much for letting me know, comments like that keep me plugging away at my little business. :-)