Friday, March 13, 2009

Work planning

We're in Wisc. We took Friday off and came up last night. Tomorrow we go for a full day of work at the farm. The folks that are taking the bathroom are coming tomorrow. Bill hopes to do additional barn prep for the massive barn renovation that will encompass our Summer 2009. I am going to do misc things: take down some reusable beadboard from the house, start demolition on a small building that is near falling down but salvage all of the materials for reuse. This will also make room for the garage/summer kitchen/art studio that we plan to build.

Tonight is planning. We have our calendars and our laptop. We are planning our summer weekends of work and what we hope to accomplish this summer.

Sunday we are going to look at a promising farm truck. A 1989 (yikes - 20 years old!) Chevy - the seller describes it as a 'runner' - a good beat around farm utility truck. It has a new engine and the price is right (if he is willing to negotiate). We'll see - we're not in any great hurry, although it would be nice to have a work truck to haul materials to/from the farm as the materials/tools are taking their toll on our Subaru.


Barb said...

Have fun up there! Sounds like you'll be working a lot, but I know you enjoy it too. I answered your comment on my blog just now. It's exciting having someone so close to us up there. Maybe we can do "farm tours" sometime. It would be fun!

Judy T said...

Good luck with all the work. It sounds like a busy weekend. I look forward to hearing about your progress over the summer.

angie said...

Hi Barb & Steve - Yes, I think we are about 1 1/2 hours away. We love your area - we were up there two summer ago for the Organic Valley Country Fair. It was a grand time! Farm Tours sound great!

Hi Judy. Thanks. I'll post tomorrow about the work we accomplished. The weather was beautiful.