Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday work

I have a feeling many of my posts might be titled 'Saturday work'.

Bathroom pre-Saturday.

Bathroom on Saturday afternoon.
The folks showed up to claim the free bathroom. This was quite a feelgood endeavor. They were a young couple and excited to have the appliances (which once removed turned out to be in excellent condition). They were very respectful, carried out the garbage that was created during the tearout, and then offered to help us with additional tasks. It was a nice offer, but we thanked them and let them leave with their new bathroom. It was a satisfying feeling to help out such nice folks. A friend asked me why I wasn't selling them - she said, you could probably have gotten at least $100+ for them. That wasn't the point - it was to help someone out. All in all, a good experience.

This is what was once a summer kitchen - that was used as a henhouse and a junk building by the previous owner. You can't see it in this picture, but the backside of this building is falling in. It is built into a hill and the watershed has washed away the back foundation. This is also the site that we plan to build the garage/summer kitchen/art studio. So while Bill worked in the main barn, I started taking this one down. It is clearly an old building and I did feel bad taking it down, but I was removing each board individually so that we can reuse them. Beautiful boards and oak timbers in this building! It was hard work - those old timbers are hard and it takes a lot of prying to get the nails out.

You can see that I only got a little part of two sides done. Not a bad start though!
It was wonderful to be working at the farm. The weather was beautiful. We went back to our Check Spellinglittle cottage (the old church - I'll do some posts on it soon) and we were tired but felt a good sense of accomplishment. We are definitely on our way now.
The gent selling the truck had a conflict this morning so we didn't check it out this morning as planned. We are going back next weekend - we hope to see it then.

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Judy T said...

Great work for the weekend. Deconstructing things always takes longer but is so worth it. I'll bet the lumber from that shed would be worth a fortune if you tried to buy it new.