Saturday, March 7, 2009

Seed Starting - is there such a thing as too many?

I may have overdone it this time. I told Bill that I can always give extras away to friends and family.

Ground Cherry (5)
The Grow the Change blog had the brilliant recommendation to dry ground cherries - she says they are similar to raisins. Now this I have to try!

Peppers - 45 plants
Czech Black (5)
Hot Portugal (5)
Paprika Alma (5)
Serrano (5)
Jalapeno (5)
Mini Red Bell (5)
Chili de Comidia (5)
Quadrato d'Asti Giallo (5)
Romanian Hot (5)

Tomatoes - 50 plants
Sweetie (5)
Yellow Brandywine (5)
Principe Borghese (5)
Purple Russian (5)
White Beauty or Snowball (5)
Caro Rich (5)
Green Zebra (5)
Illini Star (5)
Costaluto Genovese (5)
Santiam (5)

I haven't even begun to think about herbs yet.

On Sunday I am going to a heirloom apple grafting seminar at Garfield Farm ( - I have never been to this farm museum but I am greatly looking forward to seeing it and learning how to graft. The instructor specializes in heirloom trees in Southern Wisc! I look forward to meeting him!


Judy T said...

Oh, I think I may have you beat on tomatoes. I just planteded 60- 9 varieties, and my garden partner is starting 6 other varieties. I have 6 varieties of peppers and eggplants started as well as my broccoli.
It looks like you have a great variety.

Claire MW said...

Ooooh! We went to an apple grafting workshop at the Iowa arboretum 2 years ago. All 10 of our grafts took! We had expected 50% success rate according to the instructor. Unfortunately, we put them into containers because they were small, and this year we forgot to bring in the containers. I hope at least some of them leaf out this spring and that they didn't all die of cold in the containers...

angie said...

Hi Judy - You do have me beat! I look forward to following your progress!

Claire - grafting is hard at first, but I did get the hang of it. The trick is in the right knife! I'll do a post on it tonight. Good luck with your trees - I hope they survived! Especially since all of your grafts took - I am hoping for 50% but we'll see.