Thursday, March 26, 2009

Documentary: An Act of Conscience

Bill and I watched an incredible documentary on Free Speech teevee last night. For those unfamiliar with FSTV, I highly recommend it. It has Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman every night followed by Grit TV: both excellent indepth news coverage. We get FSTV on channel 9415 from our Satellite Dish.

This documentary was called An Act of Conscience: Standing Up for your Beliefs Begins at Home. We watched this absolutely spellbound. I was almost near tears several times. It is the early 1990s and a couple in western Massachusetts does not pay their taxes because they do not want their tax dollars used for war. The IRS seizes their home. This is the story of their struggles against the IRS and the young couple that eventually buys their home at a sealed auction. It is the stand-off of two couples fighting for the same home with very different beliefs. I can not recommend it enough. You can watch online at the link above.

My home in Chicago and my farm in Wisconsin are important to me. I would stand up and fight to anyone that tried to take them from me. I don't want my tax dollars used to kill and maim people either. However, I also really sympathized with the young couple that bought the home at auction. They were simply trying to have a home in which to raise their family. I understand the struggle on both sides of this equation. It was very thought provoking.

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Barb said...

I'm at work right now, but I went on the website & started watching the video. I decided to finish it at home with Steve. We have the same beliefs as you. I would fight for our farm too. Let's hope none of us have to. Thanks for the post.