Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday recap

We were able to spend most of Friday working at the farm.

Bill finished the barn retaining wall framing.

We are going to straighten out the wall of the milk house entrance to the barn. It is metal and has been bent several times over the years. We also decided to scrape down the grade of the soil at the entrance - it is too high and in heavy rains the water (and soil) flow back into the barn. This photo shows Bill scraping the soil and also the terrible condition of the wall.

I took down a small wall in the entry way of the barn. It widened the doorway and cleaned it up a bit.

Late afternoon we met our farm mentor at his farm. We were totally impressed by his operation and learned a lot just by walking around and speaking to him.


Barb said...

Steve happened to be standing behind me when I was looking at your blog. "Cool tractor" came out of his mouth (he might have been drooling a little too :-) I love the barn. Reminds me of going to my grandpa's dairy farm.

angie said...

Hi Barb,

I still joke that on my 40th birthday Bill got a tractor. :)