Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chicken Processing in Chicago

I wonder why I've never thought to question or look for processors in Chicago? There is a major backyard chicken movement in Chicago (yes, it is legal).

See the Chicken Slaughter in Chicago post on the AOLC blog.

Bill and I have talked about urban backyard hens. However, we anticipate being in Wisconsin so much this year that we think it would be too difficult to care for them properly. I will just have to wait for my 'hen-fix' until we move to Wisc.

Sorry, I've been absent. We've been spending almost every free moment on the remodel project on our empty rental unit. The drywall it up! We installed a couple of new windows yesterday. I plan to refinish the floors in a couple of weeks. We are putting it back together and that feels great!


Barb said...

So glad you are almost done with the remodel. Bet you miss the farm.

angie said...

Hi Barb,

We do miss the farm.

Shall we have a friendly wager on who gets to move to Wisc first? :)