Saturday, July 23, 2011

New broadfork

We have two new farm implements.

New trailer for hauling (hauling stuff!)

And we decided to experiment with a broadfork. Thanks to Barb for telling us about Gulland Forge. A-used-to-be-in Wisconsin based (now Kentucky) forger and artisan who handcrafts broadforks.

Bill is making great progress on the new ReAdapted shop. Sparky is running again too thanks to a new starter.

In garlic news, we've completed our garlic seed bank purchases. Our MOSA organic inspector called last week and they will be out to inspect in mid-October.

Church/home garden is looking great. I think I've finally gotten ahead of the quack grass this year thanks to the wheel hoe with the tine cultivator attachment. 3 passes have really cleared out the majority of the quack! This is the best looking garden I've had in years. (Although Bill tells me the farm garden is even better! I haven't been there in a couple of weeks; will be there tomorrow.)

Mustard greens, turnips, chard

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Jenna Gayle said...

Your gardens DO look nice!! I just mowed over the grass, er veggie plants I had left. I'm gonna try heavy mulching for the fall garden (both a first). I want to know more about this hoe thing you've got!