Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Broken tractor

Sparky's starter stopped starting. He is stalled up near Field #1. Bill is on the quest to find a starter that works on a 60 year old tractor - not an easy task.

Garden is looking good. I spent Saturday weeding and enjoying the farm solo as Bill was at prairie plant nursery for a field day with one of his landscape groups.

Sunday was spent digging burdock and cutting blooming thistle. My efforts last year at hand control of the thistle were positive so I've continued another portion of the hillside below the feedlot.


Barb said...

It is looking good. We also cut thistles & have good luck with it. Hope you find a starter soon. Have you tried going on MWT's bulletin board? Lot of people sell tractors & parts there.

angie said...

Hi Barb,

I'll have to ask him. He's got all sorts of tractor sites saved. We are currently have a custom quick attach fabricated for the bucket. We're also buying quick attach for all of the implements. An article in the recent Growing for Market convinced us that quick attaches are cheaper than injuries. :)