Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Plowed fields

This is the field that has seasonal creekbed spill and fines from last year when the culvert was replaced. It is topped with compost. We will put our over 100 pepper plants here. First, since my seedlings are late this year - a quick smother crop of buckwheat that will get incorporated in mid June when we plan to plant. (Late... I know...)

When Bill pulled a tarp off of a compost pile he found 5 more Milk Snakes.

This is Field 1 and Field 2. Bill plowed today. He also got #3 done. I can't wait to see them - I go up on Thurs night but won't get out there until Saturday.


Judy T said...

100 pepper plants! And I thought I had a lot!! I can't wait to see how the buckwheat cover works for you.

angie said...

Hi Judy,

That is the best of plans. We'll see if it all works out. :)

We are experimenting with 3 Flat Acres dried pepper blends. It's all an experiment.

Wishful Acres Farm said...

Jeesh, I need your man to come plow here! We're breaking all new ground, too, but I wanted to do rows with grass in between (you know - the strip crop farming thing). All we have are a front tine & rear tine tiller. Let me tell you, the grasses are already back where we tilled & taking over everything. It would have been easier to sodbust the whole thing, or used the plow like you are....