Friday, May 6, 2011

Bucket remover and plowing

As I mentioned in a previous post, Bill devised a way to get the bucket and arms off of the tractor by himself.

It is pretty nifty. Without the weight of that implement, the tractor is much easier to manuever. He can simply pull up, line up the connections, put the pins in (or out) and off he goes!

Here is a movie of some experimental plowing. We were trying different depths. After turning a row or two, we decided it was too wet.

We laid out 3 planting fields. Field 1 and Field 2 measured 80 x 100 and Field 3 is 80 x 60.

That old plow is not fooling around. We will use it respectfully on our soil. Upon turning the soil, it glistened - sandy loam! PERFECT for garlic farmers.

Yep, we installed a ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) - it is hilly there!!

1st pass

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