Monday, June 28, 2010

Plow and chain harrow

We were in Western IL on Saturday to attend my grandmother's 95th (!!) birthday party. I was driving down Route 92 in rural Bureau County and Bill yells out, "Ang - there is a 2 bottom plow!" It was next to a bunch of other implements - two tractors, a flatbed trailer, etc - clearly stuff for sale although there was no For Sale sign. I pulled off, turned around and we went back to check it out. Yep, a Ford 2 bottom with great plows (i.e. not too worn). We went up to the house and the older gentleman confirmed that it was for sale and it was $300. We told him we were going up the road to Walnut to the nursing home for Grandma's party and that we'd stop back afterwards. (Of course, there was a whole conversation about who my grandma is - oh, yeah, he knew my grandfather's brother and used to cut hay on his farm, etc., etc.). $300 is a great price for this plow. It is very difficult to find 2 bottom plows, especially locally. We found one in Galesburg, IL but it was closer to $600.

We stopped back, bought the plow and a chain harrow that he also had. Of course, we didn't have our truck that day so we are going back on Friday on our way to Wisc (taking the loooong scenic route) and we'll pick them up at that time.

Next implements to look for are a grain drill, flail chopper and a disc.


Barb said...

What a good find. Hope you have had a chance to use it this last weekend.

Anne and Sandra said...

Good score! How did she plow- work good?