Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seed starting!

I was late starting my seeds this year and I think it turned out to be a good thing. I planted on March 31st, April 7th and May 1st. My seedlings are stronger than they have ever been. I think I am not fighting the heat-war by starting them later. I don't have heat mats so I heat up my seedling room (it is walk-in closet size) with a portable heater. This year I only turned the heat on once but the seedlings look healthy and strong.

I almost transplanted last week, but I had heard that we were going to get a cold snap. I am so glad that I have held off. Pushing the season on the front end - unless you have a hoophouse and row covers - doesn't seem to pay off. The cool weather seems to stunt the growth.

And in typical fashion, I started too many. I think I have about 35 chard plants, at least 15 kale starts. Not to mention 25+ tomatoes. Oh my - I really need to move to a farm! I updated the side bar with the varieties and numbers.


Barb said...

Your seedlings look great! I wish I could have started some this year. I've been at the farm a couple days planting like crazy while the weather is nice. Picked up seedlings outside of Arena on Hwy 14 on the way up. Will you be planting at the farm?

angie said...

Hi Barb,

Next year you'll be able to start a lot of seedlings. I think it is better to have sold your place!

Nope, no planting at the farm. We plant in Chicago and at our church/house in Wisc.