Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Apple Tree

Last spring, a friend and I went to Garfield Farm for an apple tree grafting seminar. We left with 6 apple trees - which my friend graciously donated to our future orchard. I planted all 6 of them in our Chicago yard so that I could water them regularly and keep an eye on them.

Well, we must not be very good grafters, because only one lived. But the one that did - it is looking mighty fine! It is a Gala variety. It is still in my Chicago backyard and I plan to give it one more year of TLC and then it will relocate to Wisc with us.

Here are a couple of photos of the trusses from the hoophouse field day. I was pretty busy working so I didn't take as many photos as I should have.


El said...

Hoo boy that land IS flat!!! Goodness. The problem sometimes with big'ol greenhouses is indeed it's hard to level them. I even had a tough-ish time leveling my mom's, but I did it.

And Angie congrats on your many skills-building! Just think you're getting all this pre-on-the-job training, you won't make *any* mistakes once you move up to Wisco, right?

all the best,

angie said...

Hi El-

Thanks for stopping by and the nice words. I'm sure we'll still make lots of mistakes! Although, I'm learning so much from you - maybe not quite as many. I told Bill about your milking stand made entirely from scrap except for the eyebolt. He was impressed indeed.