Friday, May 7, 2010

Buying a Farm

I recently read this article by Steph Larson, the policy coordinator for the Center for Rural Affairs (they do great work, if you aren't familiar with the organization. Check out the link - they are advocates for rural America on meaningful health care, high speed internet, environmental policy, etc). I had the good fortune to meet Steph last fall, which was before she had purchased her farm. We had a conversation about the fact that healthcare coverage is one of the biggest hurdles for us to overcome in order to move to our farm. We are currently insured through my corporate-America-job, and moving our health coverage to an independant policy; where we could be dropped or rates could skyrocket at any time terrifies me. Steph and I talked about contacting my local Wisc elected officials - which I did, but since I am not a registered voter in Wisc, they didn't care much what I had to say.

Anyway, I was happy to see that Steph finally was able to buy the farm. Her excitement for growing food, laying down roots on her own small farm and making it her own really resonates with me. It is just how we feel too!


Jena said...

Have you shopped for heath insurance yet? As of a few months ago I thought our best option was a high deductible plan linked to an HSA. We would set our deductible at $5-10K but would have 100% coverage on most things after that. I've had an HSA plan before and really liked the setup. Who knows how things will change now though. Any thoughts?

angie said...

Hi Jena,

Yep, I did shop a year or so ago. Wisc has a farmer insurance coop that I hope we can get into. It was an HSA with a high deductible too. I'm glad to hear your feedback that you were happy with it. Thanks.