Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wind turbine update

Thanks to Barb who suggested that wind turbines need a lot of yearly maintenance. Based on her comment, we continued to talk and research and we finally got the low-down yesterday from a local renewable energy contractor who definitely put our plans to rest (as in RIP).

No deal. The most we can expect to get is 100 - 150 kWH. It would take multiples of decades to recoop the cost that way. That isn't even factoring in the yearly maintenance.

I feel like we just saved $15K+.


We were accepted to the Farm Beginnings class!


Barb said...

Hi Angie. Thanks for the link. I bet your tired. Wisconsin always recharges my batteries too :-)
Very exciting about the Farm Beginnings program. Keep us updated on how that goes.
You welcome about the windmill. We wish it would work for us too. right now solar hot water & radiant floor heat will have to do. Hoping the price will come down on solar electric some day so we can do that too.
Try to get some rest...

Jena said...

That program sounds awesome, I'm excited to hear more about it as you go through it. I wish there was something like that in our area!

angie said...

Thanks Barb. We are investigating PV panels too. We really want some energy self-sufficiency.

And solar hot water and radiant floor heat too are on our list for our farmhouse too.

Jena - I'll keep you posted on what we learn.