Saturday, September 26, 2009

Market Farming is some work

I returned from Montana after working three days on the market farm where my friend has been interning. These folks are not fooling around - this is a serious farm growing serious food.

They sell at farmers market, 3 local grocery stores and a montana growers coop.

I learned a lot and worked very hard - 12 hour days of physical labor. It was great!

I will post photos soon.

Montana is really beautiful - but I admit, I am a midwestern gal. This area of MT only receives about 12" of rain per year. They rely heavily on irrigation.

I was also able to attend a discussion group on rural healthcare hosted by Center for Rural Affairs. If you are not familiar with their great work, please check out their website!

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Jena said...

Sounds like a neat experience, can't wait to see pics!