Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend - means Labor.

I learned to drive the tractor. Granted I only drove 100 yards, in 1st gear and straight. Good first day.
Happy Corn Moon.

My summer project comes down!


The tractor to pull the building down was overkill. In hindsight, I think Bill and I could have pushed it down.
I've continued pulling out the materials - the cross beams, and any salvagable material. I'll post more pics soon.
We had an excavator come out - a guy we know - he is giving us a quote on removing this foundation, installing a new culvert in our problem area and digging a swale in our other watershed area.
And Bill announced over a New Glarus tonight - he has the solution to solving the barn problems. I knew he just needed to mull it over, then he would come up with the plan.
We continue to move forward, slowly. I feel with each passing work weekend - especially these long weekends - we turn this farm a little bit by little bit - to more of our own. It is a great feeling. We move forward into turning this into a sustainable homestead.
We got the quote on a wind turbine. $15K+. A lot of money!!! We need to consider this carefully - it is a bit of a gamble. Do we have the winds to support this expenditure? Will it pay for itself and how long will that take? Is this the right direction regardless of cost because we can supplement or provide for ourselves with burning coal. Lots to consider.

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Judy T said...

Woo Hoo!! Congrats on the 'building' project and on learning to drive a tractor. I learned when I was about 8 but it's been so long that I've probably forgotten. Have a good holiday weekend.