Thursday, April 2, 2009

Project Feline Relocate - Part I

A co-worker (Cathy) and I have hatched a plan. She has 4 stray cat littermates that live on her front porch in Chicago. They have been outdoor cats their whole lives. Last summer she tried to find homes or a shelter to take them - unsuccessfully. She trapped and had them all neutered (1 male, 3 females). Her neighbors are becoming more vocal about their dislike of these "strays."

They are now adults. Still living in her neighborhood and hanging on her front porch. We are going to relocate them to the farm/barn this weekend. They are not feral - although two are a bit skittish. She is going to grab them on Saturday morning and transport them up to Wisc and we will release them in the barn. Our friends that board their four horses at the farm have agreed to feed the new transports regularly. Hopefully they will help cut down on the mouse infestation that we currently have in the barn.

I'll post this weekend with an update on how it goes.

And, see Barb's blog for great cow info today.


Judy T said...

Oh, I hope the cats take to their new surroundings. Hopefully city cats will like the country life.

angie said...

Hi Judy-

Yes, that is a concern. They are young enough to adapt to the changes. Both the city and the country have their dangers. I am worried but hopeful.

Susan said...

Hi Ang, I'm thinking of you and the kitties this weekend! Looking forward to updates on the blog. Whatever happens, remember what the "city" alternatives were!

angie said...

Hi Susan,

Nice to see you here!