Monday, April 27, 2009

On being a vermicomposter

I've gotten a second job. I'm a Junior Urban Worm Girl. What does this mean? I'm attending green fairs and having fun telling people about the joys of composting with worms.

My friend Stephanie started a company called Urban Worm Girl about six months ago. Her mission is to educate folks about worms and vermicomposting. She does in-home worm setups, speaks to schools and has worm parties. The interest in her services has been quite overwhelming; so much so that she needed some help. I have agreed to help her as I can. So I drove out to Elgin this past weekend and worked a booth at an environmental fair. It was great fun. I was so busy that I was unable to break for lunch. People are curious about the worms and the process. My worms were the star of the show. I wanted to take some photos, but I was so busy that I never got a chance.

Supper tonight was tuna with homegrown greens (sorrel, lovage, chives and lemon balm) in an oil & vinegar atop homemade bagettes. Ahhhh... spring! Eating from the yard again - I've missed it!


Jena said...

Very cool, and a great idea for a business.

Barb said...

Worm Girl, that's great! Are you going to be a the Greenfest in the city?