Monday, April 6, 2009

Feline Update

Well.... I'm hopeful that this was a good decision.

Cathy was able to catch 3 of the 4 cats. She drove them up on Saturday morning - uneventfully. We released them in the barn and, understandably, they were fairly freaked out. They ran into the old milkhouse (small room attached to the barn) and hid behind a wooden pallet. We left them there as they clearly needed to adjust. We filled up the food and water bowls and left them.

Bill & I went back to check on them yesterday. At first I couldn't find any of them. I was sad and deeply disappointed. Bill came in and saw some little kitty eyes watching us from the top of the hay bales. I felt better. I couldn't tell which one it was - either L'il Gray or Tiger. Bill went to the upper part of the barn to work on our trailer (another story - he broke off part of the hitch last time we were there so he needed to replace that). He called from up top - that there was a cat in the upper portion. I walked out to go up to where he was and she was already out the door and was running across the hill - I think it was Tiger. She saw me and turned and hightailed it up the hill. I let her go because I didn't want to push her further away.

No other cats were apparent. I went for a walk around the farm. I returned via an upper pasture and noticed a strange squirrel nest in the top of one of the trees. I could have sworn it was a cat! It was so high up that I couldn't tell. I went to the car and got our binoculars - and sure enough - it was a cat! It was Tiger waaaaay up in the tree. I walked quickly away because again, I don't want to add her to scared-state.

We were there 1.5 hours. Tiger stayed in the tree and I didn't see any of the others. Bill thinks that L'il Gray and Morris were in the haybales. I hope so. Morris is supposedly the most friendly - so I was pretty disappointed to not see him. I hope he is still in the barn or in the area. I am fearful that he took off to try to find his way home.

I emailed my friend that keeps her horses at the barn this morning. She said she would email/call or text me this week to let me know the status of things.

Cathy hopes to catch the 4th cat and I am going to drive her up this weekend. Cathy said she is crying and very lonely without her littermates.

I sincerely hope that this hasn't all been a terrible mistake. I am doubting myself.


Barb said...

I hope they'll be alright. I would be worried about them too. At least someone is checking on them. Once they adjust, I think they would love it there. Free room & board, all the mice you can eat :-)

Jena said...

Hey, you're doing the best you can, don't feel bad. They were not in a good situation before, you're giving them a good shot anyway. They have food, water, and shelter, if they can't make it then it was not meant to be! Not sure that makes it easier, but thinking of it that way might help. Good luck. :)

angie said...

Barb - yes, an all they can eat mice buffet!

Jena - thanks, that does help.