Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ag/Wood Shop

The shop foundation is poured, insulted and back-filled due to some long work days of Bill.

We recently got the containers delivered. These are going to be the sides of the shop with a space between the two which will get framed out. Roof trusses will span the empty area between and overhand the containers to create a building.

It was pretty unnerving as the semi had to back down a portion of the driveway, back past the barn and continue down the shop road.

I've been canning and jamming.

We are also now official TV free!


Anonymous said...

Man, those cherries look GOOD! I missed cherries here this year. Can't wait to see how the shop comes together, looks like a good idea.

Barb said...

Great idea (containers). Can't wait to see the finished building. Congrats on being TV free. We love it & don't miss it much. There is still Hulu or Netflicks if we get a craving for it.