Monday, June 13, 2011

Farm and Church house Gardens are (finally!) in

New bed on the southside of the hoghouse

I had trimmed down the buckwheat smother crop the day before

Decided to incorporate the buckwheat residue with the rototiller

Please note: Bill installed a new carryall on the tractor for a water bottle, phone, and a couple of tools. It is the mailbox mounted vertically below his left should behind the tail-light. It has the name of the farm owners 2 owners ago.

The tractor/rotovator are sigificantly easier than the wheel hoe!

Tomatoes and peppers were planted in bio-film

I have never had the pleasure of planting in bed prepped like this

Spoiled hay to use as weed suppression on the edges and paths

All planted!

28 tomato plants. All my varieties were mixed up this year so I just planted the healthiest looking plants.

48 pepper plants. Jimmy Nardello, Serano, Beaver Dam, Alma Paprika, Marconi Red, Thai Orange, and a doghouse blend at the end of the row.

Beans: chinese long bean, black beans, Christmas lima, tiger-eye, Cherokee trail of tears.

Onions: a bag of onion set that I got on sale. Variety unsure. Way too late to be planting onions.

Beets: Detroit red and Bull Blood

Squash: 4 hills of a variety that I saved from a fairy squash.

After the beds were prepped and I was getting ready to plant, Bill looked over at me and said, 'are you crying?' I was. I was so happy. I have never had a garden this large with soil this beautiful. I've been waiting for this day for the 5 years that we have owned our farm - and even longer than that as my Chicago yard is small and shaded.


Wishful Acres Farm said...

Yay! So happy for you - your tomato bed looks marvelous. We still haven't mulched ours, and I don't know if we're gonna mess with tying them this year. You are ahead of me there! :-)
ps love the recycled mailbox - now that's a smart farmer! Turning someone's waste into something usable. :-)

Barb said...

That is great about the garden & I love the mailbox idea on the tractor. I've thought of putting one in the garden for my tools to make it easier. So glad you finally have your big garden!

Gwen said...

Clever Bill! I just LOVE that he used the old mailbox to store his stash. Wouldn't it be funny if someone called his cell phone and asked for the people whose name is on the mailbox?!

Trout Caviar said...

Wow, Angie, that is major. Congratulations. What a harvest to anticipate. I still have to plant my cukes and beans and a couple other things. And, I have serious tractor envy (esp. after having to take the scythe to two weeks "lawn" growth at our cabin!).

Best~ Brett

angie said...

Hi Penny - Yea, isn't it fun? A mailbox!!

Hi Barb - how's your garlic?

Hi Gwen - yes, indeed, that would be funny.

Howdy Brett - It was total overkill to use the tractor on this garden. Our excuse is 'learning how the rototiller works'. :) I should have used a broadfork and/or wheel hoe. And of course you used a scythe!