Friday, November 26, 2010

More Barn photos

The frames are built and just waiting for the expeditor to finish (by that I mean start) so he can dig the large holes for the barn buttresses. Hopefully he will be out the week of 11/29.

Here I am jackhammering (I found this and a lot of other photos on Bill's camera), taken in July. Working on that barn makes me happy!


Judy T said...

Love the jackhammer pic! That's one that I've never used. But I do love a good reciprocating saw!!
I hope you had a lovely thanksgiving!

The author said...

What fun! We have an old barn on our property that looks amazing like yours. What will you do with the barn? We haven't decided what we'll use ours for yet.

Barb said...

Great pic of you jackhammering! I hope the weather cooperates and you can get things done.

angie said...

Hi Judy - Ah, yes the reciprocating saw. Me too!

Hi The Author - we are going to use it for livestock!

Hi Barb - thanks, me too!

Wishful Acres Farm said...

That's a great picture, lol. :-)