Saturday, July 18, 2009

What a great vacation!

Here are some photos of the summer kitchen that I continue to take down. Remember that I am prying out each nail of the board in an effort to save the historic panels and the oak beams that they are nailed into. It is hard to remove these nails. I have to pry them out with a cat's paw and then use a pry bar to further loosen each nail.

One photo shows some of the boards. These are only the ones that I removed this past few days. The rest are already stored inside the barn.

There are still some boards on the sides, and a few stubborn ones that I didn't get off on the front. I need one more day and all of the lumber siding will be gone. I calculated that I have removed about 2500 nails. I am pretty good friends with my tools these days.

We head home tomorrow and back to work on Monday.
I'll post pictures of the dumpster soon.

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Jena said...

Wow - way to go - 2500 nails! I think I feel blisters forming on my hands just thinking about it.
You're free to join in the Git 'Er Done project if you want. Posting about that stuff just helps me stay motivated and organized. I should do an update soon although I'll admit that the garden and day to day summer work has taken up a lot of my time. Anyway, way to go on that building. We have a little red barn here that desperately needs to be torn down too if you get bored! ;)