Friday, June 22, 2012

A visit to Mecca

We visited the Twin Cities last weekend. In planning out our route, I discovered we could drive through Decorah, Iowa. Lovers of heirloom plants will know what is in Decorah. Mecca!!! a/k/a Seed Savers Exchange!

Our visit was short - less than 1 hour, but it was so inspiring.

We are planning another visit - it's only 2 hours away from SW Wisc to spend the day hiking the trails, viewing the heritage breeds and perhaps fishing the trout streams.

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Trout Caviar said...

That is an amazing place indeed. But I realize I've never been there in the growing season! Did you check out the apple orchards?

I think it's verging on heresy for a SW Wisconsinite to go the Iowa for trout fishing...!

Cheers~ Brett