Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Still a work in progress but the shop (almost) has full sides and a full roof!

The windows are from Rebuilding Exchange in Chicago and the doors are repurposed from the farmhouse.

This is the view from the back. The large white covering on the right will eventually be a garage door (it's a tarp for the moment).

Progress on the farmhouse too. Both upstairs and downstairs are almost fully demo'd. We also have a building permit and Bill has done a first pass on the plans on CADD and we are in conversations with a passive house engineer and architect.

Oh, and the week of 3/12? We will become WI residents....!


Wishful Acres Farm said...

Yay!!! Wow, how far you've come on that house. I understand that, lol! Only a month to go until you're a "farmer" on paper! Can't tell you how good it feels to file those income taxes with my occupation listed as "farmer" and using the IRS "Schedule F" to report income. You've made it, too!

angie said...

Thanks Penny. Yes, we are excited!