Sunday, April 3, 2011

Only 20 tomatoes?

I started my seeds today. Looove the block maker. If you are a seed starter and don't have one do yourself a favor. While I was making blocks, Bill and I discussed starting less tomatoes this year. We thought 20 seemed about right. However, after planting I ended up with 36. Since there are over 70 pepper plants on the list, you can see we are experimenting with the 3 Flat Acres dried peppers and blends this fall.

My starter mix is a concoction of worm castings, vermiculite, coconut coir and a bit of organic potting soil

This little implement is amazing!

I use my mother-in-law's old baking pans to start seeds

I sprinkle No-Damp Off on the topUnder the lights they go

Here is the list of what I planted:


Jalapeno - 5

Chile de Comida - 5

Romanian Hot Pepper - 5

Paprika - 12

Czeck Black - 12

Mini Sweet Bell - 12

Quadrato Dasti Giallo - 15

Hot Portugal Pepper - 10


Green Zebra Tomato - 5

Yellow Brandywine - 5

Principe Borghese - 6

Purple Russian - 6

Illini Star - 14


Green Chard - 5

Yellow Chard - 5

Red Chard -5

Red Ursa Kale - 5


Summer Savory - 5

Dill - 5

Clary Sage - 5

Sorrel - 5

Fennel - 5

Basil - 10

Russian Tarragon - 5

Sweet Majoram - 5

Yesterday, in the Chicago backyard, I planted: arugula, purple mustard greens, regular mustard greens and in the cold frame some beets. Need a couple of more pepper varieties (Jimmy Nardelo - yum!), more kale and a couple different types of basil.


Trout Caviar said...

Well aren't those nice things to look forward to! When you said "36 tomatoes" I thought at first that you meant 36 varieties; which will give you an idea of my propensities, too.

It looks like you solved the line break issue. Did you do something or did it resolve on its own?


angie said...

Hi Brett,

36 varieties! That would be great, wouldn't it? Someday...

The line break issue fixed itself.

Trout Caviar said...

Roger that. Thanks.


Wishful Acres Farm said...

Hi Angie!
I toyed with buying a blocker this year, but decided against it. I was worried about the time it would take to make the thousands of blocks for all my seeds - it seemed overwhelming! Glad you like it, though.
I had been thinking of you a couple weeks ago as we drove through Platteville to pick up our flock of hens.
Hope all is well. Are you planning on moving to WI anytime soon?
You can email me directly:

mansonavenue said...

Can I trade you a golden delight for a purple russian? (assuming I actually get mine to grow?) I started my tomatoes about 3 weeks ago and they are actually coming up this time! - Mimi

angie said...

Hi Penny,

Yes, I'll be in contact with you. You bought your chkns near Platteville?! Oh, I'll email you.

Hi Marie,
I know you. Yes, we can trade all sorts of stuff. :)