Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Prez Day in Wisc

We are in Wisc for an extended weekend. Bill was up here solo a few weeks back -during the Chicago blizzard. I was supposed to join him after a few days but I couldn't get the car out of our garage for several days. I also spent a night without heat. The electricity cut off about 10:00 pm on Tues of the blizzard and came back on at 10 am the next morning. I was glad it was overnight as being in bed with lots of covers and two cats is OK with no power. So that Wisc visit was cut short as Bill came home early instead of me joining him.

We are up until Monday now. We anticipate some fierce barn work: cabeling the structure together, constucting the columns for which we poured concrete footings for in December, having someone pick up the tractor and fix the oil leak, brakes and hydraulics. We may place an order for a rotovator, disc harrow and a cultivator while here as well.

Additionally, we placed one of our many garlic seed orders last week and it added up to 50 lbs of garlic. We need about 30 more lbs.

We also now have wi-fi at our church-home. I am attempting to connect my work laptop right now - having some issues so I'm waiting for the helpdesk to call back - but I am hopeful that this is the beginning of the ability to do some working remotely this summer.

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