Monday, October 18, 2010

Finished up the jalapenos

Bill said to me Sunday morning over coffee, let's do some canning today. Music to my ears!
We finished up the remaining jalapenos from my earlier jalapeno canning fun. We got 9 1/2 quarts of escabeche. Escabeche is a Mexican pickled jalapeno mix. We follow Rick Bayless' recipe from Authentic Mexican: Regional Cooking... Essentially it is a mix of jalapenos, garlic, carrots and cauliflower in a vinegary oregano brine. We typically use serranos instead of jalapenos, but since we were overflowing in jalapenos this year...

Brown the garlic in oil for 3 minutes

Carrots. Unfortunately, from the produce market, not the farmer's market.

Filling the jars

Into the canner

Waiting for the ping. See the cauliflower, carrots and garlic?

Additionally, we roasted 3 tin foil trays of green tomatoes that I brought home from our Wisc garden last weekend and made 12 more pints of roasted green salsa. Roasting green tomatoes on a hot grill brings out the sugars and makes them sweet and juicy.

I forgot to take a photo of the finished product.

I think we are set for spicy food in jars for this winter!


Judy T said...

Two years ago I made this amazing "relish" of finely sliced jalapenos, carrots, onions and garlic (the food processor is a wonderful thing for this) in a vinegary brine. Since my hubby is originally from around Philadelphia he loves his cheesesteaks. We've found this works really well as a substitute for the hot peppers he grew up with.

angie said...

Great idea Judy! Thanks for sharing.