Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back up your computer!

My laptop crashed and I had to have it rebuilt. Guess what I forgot to do before that?!?! - Back up my documents.

This is a fairly new laptop so I didn't have much - but what I did have - sigh.... my 14 page 3 Flat Acres business plan and my draft farm budget excel spreadsheets. I have been working on these documents since October. I have a dated version of the business plan (from January) on my jumpdrive but Bill and I have literally have put in hours on this document and all of that is gone.

Just a warning to all of my blogging friends - get a backup schedule and system and stick to it.

This is such a drag. I can't even fathom starting over tonight so I think I'll go sit on the couch with the cat and read a book. This is a mistake I will only make once.


Jena said...

I had this fear when my laptop crashed. I hadn't backed up our Quickbooks... ever. Luckily a friend fixed it and I promptly back up. I need to get a better system for backing up though, right now I just burn to a CD and that gets old.

angie said...

Hi Jena,

I was specifically thinking of you when I typed up this post. I know how much work you have done - at least you have a system!

Unknown said...

I know this is several months later, but you might consider trying an online service like for 4.95 per month. The application will automate your backups daily. This provides piece of mind should you have a disaster at the home.