Friday, October 9, 2009

Montana photos

Some photos from my Montana adventure on the market farm.
This area of Montana averages 12" of rain per year. Essentially this is a desert. As such, they have to irrigate. Each of these irrigation pipes are 40' of aluminum piping with sprinklers on the end. They fit together the length of the field. They are moved every day or so to a new spot.

Solar panels. The farmers are able to generate enough electricity to offset their usage in the home. They are grid tied. Their walk in coolers and other farm needs are pulled from the grid.

Root vegetable washer. This was pretty neat. Attach the hose and fill up the reservoir with water. Put the crop (we did beets) in on the left and plug it in. It rotates and cleans the beets and they plop out on a screen on the other side to drain and for packing.


Peacock. I loved this guy and would follow him around. The feeling was not mutual. He has lost his tail feathers.

Sunflowers with the mountains in the background.

Chard that we had just thinned.

Wow - what kale!

Beautiful fields of vegetables.

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Jena said...

Wow, thanks for sharing - what a beautiful sight. I especially like the one with the sunflowers.