Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Farmer's Markets

Summer is here and the markets are bursting!

Today at the Farmer's Market in downtown Chicago I bought:

2 kinds of beets: red and golden
beautiful orange carrots
blue potatoes
fresh garlic
4 year old cheddar cheese

My beets and my radishes have failed to come up this year in my Chicago yard. My neighbors have a large maple tree that grows ever larger and shades out my backyard more and more.

I haven't been to our Wisconsin church/home since Memorial Day so I'm sure that the weeds and grass have completely taken oven the garden. I'm feeling very overwhelmed by work in Corporate America and wondering when if ever we'll get to the farm.

Even if my garden was producing full-on, I would still go to the Farmer's Market because I find them to be a wonderful experience. I am not a religious person but Farmer's Markets bring a sense of spirituality, peacefulness over me. I find them to be an utterly beautiful place to spend time.


Claire MW said...

Sounds wonderful! What did you make with your market purchases? I love roasted beets - they come out so sweet and tasty. Love blue cheese too. Maybe a combo in the works there, in some kind of salad!

Barb said...

We are finally able to work at the farm today. Last week we were on vacation in MN. The weeds are so high! Everything is surviving though. I bet you miss the farm. Yours is the fisrt blog I've read for 3 weeks. I'm a bad blogger :-)