Monday, May 12, 2008

The change of seasons

We found one, yes one, morel this spring. I was told that perhaps we were too early, but I don't believe that as the floor of the woods is already filling in nicely with foliage.

I've been taking pictures from the exact same spot in the barn to the barnyard. Look at how much greener it is now versus one month ago (the picture that is in the header). I was struck by the beauty of spring and how each season seems to be more beautiful than the previous one and how nice, cyclically that works out. When winter arrives, the snow is so beautiful. It tricks the mind to forget the vibrancy of the fall colors and the snow seems so peaceful and soft. When spring arrives, the new green is a feast for the eyes and the soul, and the bird songs filling the air make winter seem cold and cruel. Spring is the time of rebirth. Then summer. Ah, the dog days - the garden planting is done, we are enjoying the bounty of the garden with fresh veggies. Languorous canoe trips. It makes spring seem like hard work. Then fall. Crisp evenings, rooms with soft lit candles, something simmering on the stove, the beautiful colors.

Each season is more beautiful, fragrant and appealing than the last one. It continues on and on.

We sauteed the one morel with butter and savoured it. We also had a salad of dandelion greens and sauteed dandelion root from the yard.


Ali said...

Thanks for stopping by Henbogle, and the advice about my Black Knight Butterfly Bush. I'll hold onto hope, maybe if we get some needed rain it will sprout.

Sounds like you are preparing for big adventure. I love to visit Chicago --I have family there-- but the country is where my heart is happy, and it appears to be the same for you. Good luck with the garden this summer!


Josie said...

great pix! Some friends and I went morel hunting last year. We never did find any, though we found poison ivy instead... :)