Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Seed starting

A list of the seeds that I have started so far:

English Thyme (2)
Parsley - Curly (3)
Parsley - Italian Flat (3)
Brussel Sprouts (2)

Tomatoes (all heirloom)
Illini Star (3)
Purple Russian (3)
White Beauty (3). Can't wait to see this one! A white tomato!!!
Yellow Brandywine (3)
Green Zebra (3)
Litchi Tomato (2). A fruity tomato that grows really tall with lots of thorns. Sounds like fun!

Peppers, Basil, Chard, and oh so many others are next on my list.

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Watchman said...


I came across William's book about 12 years ago and found that he lived about 30 miles from my parents, so I decided to look him up one day. I sent a letter addressed to William Wincester, Rural Delivery, and I'll be darned if it didnt make it to him. we corresponded for a while and eventually I was able to visit his farm. A very modest place, just as described. I reread the book every couple of years.

Good luck on your dreams. They are obviously hard work to fulfill, but why else are we doing it? Thats one thing I gleaned from A Very Small Farm, we do it out of pleasure and joy, something few people really understand.